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Inspiring and Empowering Neighborhood Change

Holly City Development Corporation serves as catalyst for neighborhood change. The projects and programming that are implemented are derived from feedback we receive from a multitude of stakeholders including: residents, business owners and 40+ partner agencies. We take a grassroots approach to our engagement efforts, meeting people where they are and providing opportunities to share what they envision for their community.

Center City Neighborhood Plan

A 10-year comprehensive plan for neighborhood improvement focused on community residents, housing, economic development and physical improvement projects. 


The goal of the 21st Century Redevelopment Research project was to create a concise, community-driven plan to address vacant buildings in downtown Millville. The City of Millville contracted with Holly City Development Corporation (HCDC) to collect data from business owners and community members. The resulting report includes actionable, fundable solutions to be implemented collaboratively by public and private stakeholders.

Projects and Programs

Holly City Development Corporation’s projects and programs are the very heart of our work to revitalize the center city neighborhood of Millville. At the center of everything we undertake are three foundational pillars: Economic Development, Housing, and Community Development.  


Housing is one of three primary areas of focus at Holly City Development Corporation. Projects to date include housing rehabilitation grants, abandoned property demolition, and lot acquisition and construction projects including down payment and closing cost assistance.

Creative Enterprise Center

Cumberland County's first co-working space focused on arts and creative business development.


A yearly summer event that closes Pine Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets to open the street for a day of play. 

Latest News

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