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Every project and program we undertake at HCDC rests upon the three foundational pillars of Economic Development, Housing, and Community Development.  

Projects and Programs

Revitalization of downtown Millville, including pre-development financing of the Arts and Innovation Center; development of the Creative Enterprise Center—an innovative and inexpensive co-working space for small business owners; the 500 Block Redevelopment project will provide a Complete Care Facility within walking distance of many residences.

We seek to recreate the housing market in Center City Millville by assisting homeowners with rehabilitating existing homes, demolishing abandoned properties, and aggressively seeking funding for lot acquisition and housing construction.

The 2019 Center City Millville Neighborhood Plan is the centerpiece of our community development efforts. The process of creating the neighborhood plan afforded us the opportunity to connect directly with the residents and determine their wants and needs. Our Connecting Families to Communities initiative focuses on helping families become self-sufficient and staying connected to the community in which they live, work, and play.  


Housing is one of three primary areas of focus at Holly City Development Corporation. Projects to date include housing rehabilitation grants, abandoned property demolition, and lot acquisition and construction projects including down payment and closing cost assistance.

Economic Development

Economic Development is a vital area of focus in the neighborhood and is another of our foundational pillars. Growing the local economy and taking steps to ensure that growth sustainable is necessary to make Millville a desirable place for people to live, work, and play.

Community Development

Community Development is the third and final foundational pillar of Holly City Development Corporation and is at the center of all work done by the center. With over 140 community programs and 800 volunteer hours, the center city Millville community is going strong.

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