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Beautifying, Teaching, and Being the Best—the Story of Tina's Hair Salon!

We're thrilled to post the next installment in our monthly series titled Local Business Spotlight!🔆

We shine the spotlight this time on Tina's Hair Salon at 26 North High Street in Millville. Tina Gillam grew up in our county and began her illustrious career with hairstyling in 1996. 25 years later, she's recognized as a successful leader in our community and a strong inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Tina's Hair Salon in our interview just below.

The unmistakable storefront window of Tina's Hair Salon.

Constant Learning and Steady Progress

It began with B&B Barbershop & Beauty Salon on High Street, way back in 1996. At the time, Tina still was living in Bridgeton, where she was born and where she grew up, but just one year later she moved to Millville " continue my hair journey. I fell in love with the town and people."

Two of those people were Diane Bergan and Donna Wiggins, also from Bridgeton. Tina explains that she learned an immense amount from these early mentors and really began to develop her craft.

"I was young, doing friends' hair in my neighborhood when my bestfriend's mom, Diane, noticed my gift. Diane told me to get my hair license, then join her and Donna at B&B Barbershop & Beauty Salon."

Tina learned what she describes as "old-school styling lessons still in demand today", such as Jerry curls, finger waves, and French rolls with curls, all of which Tina still offers at her own salon to set herself apart with a diverse repertoire. "If you can't grow it, we'll sew it. And if you can't achieve it, we'll weave it!"😎

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Eventually Tina built such a strong reputation as a skilled Hairstylist in Millville that she decided to branch out on her own. "I knew I wanted to be on High Street in Millville, so I started from the beginning of the street, taking notice of every unoccupied business space and looking up their phone numbers. It wasn't long before I found 26 North High Street, and the rest is history! I opened up Tina's Hair Salon LLC in August 2015."

It's precisely this drive, this independent streak, this entrepreneurial spirit that we at HCDC admire so very much!🤩 Tina built a career on her own terms, and she made our entire community, both residential and commercial, better off as a result!

Recognition for the Past, Inspiration for the Future

Tina's journey as an entrepreneur certainly didn't go unnoticed by other leaders in the community. Along the way she's been recognized by a wide variety of organizations for an equally wide variety of awards, including:

  • Certificate of Commendation from the Cumberland County Freeholders

  • The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Leading Ladies

  • Director of Hair for Atlantic City Fashion Week since 2016

  • Citation by the Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey "...for bringing honor and pride to our community."

Beautifully put and absolutely accurate!

Just one of the many awards to Tina for her work in our community.

Of course, that dedication doesn't end at the close of business hours. Tina now gives back the same inspiration that helped her become a success. She explains, "My clients see me as a Beautifier. My Stylists see me as a Teacher. And my family see me as the Best!" We share the hope with Tina that the next generation of community members—whether it's entrepreneurs, regulars at the salon, or precious family members—will continue to see Tina as an example of the possibilities in our town.

As for parting words from Tina, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Never give up on your dreams! Start small, and think big. There's plenty of room to grow!"

We're honored to work alongside Tina's Hair Salon in our city and look forward to its enduring success!✅


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