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An Air of Resident-Driven Change in Millville

There is an excitement in the air as residents come together to make changes in their community. Millville’s Center City residents have been meeting monthly to take on projects that will change the city’s environment. Given different project ideas, residents have formed work groups to focus on developing ideas they find meaningful.

One group is working on cleaning and greening vacant lots. They have been walking their neighborhood proactively and identifying where the clean-ups should take place. Some lots have been identified as gathering places ripe for playground renewal, garden spaces, a dog park, public art and more. These neighborhood walkabouts have given the residents a different view of their city, as they are usually driving through and not seeing the potential.

Another group has decided to breathe life into The Arts District’s main street by creating “Pop Up” events. The first will be a holiday shop featuring local artisans and their wares. They intend to continue these events with different themes. A Random Acts of Kindness dinner under the stars will take place in the spring as an opportunity for residents to come together and share a meal and fellowship.

In addition, there is a group working on a Community Garden project. They are brainstorming what will be planted, how the garden will be run, how to get students and older adults involved and where is the best location.

The residents are empowered. We are excited to see how this resident driven change unfolds. Follow this work by reaching out to our project director.

Learn more about NJHI’s approach to partnering with NJ communities in this two-minute video:


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