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Center City Gateway Mural Project

In 2016, HCDC issued a request for proposals from artists to work with neighborhood residents and design a mural that reflects the past, present and future of Millville.

Three artists participated in a resident engagement series to begin the design process of the mural, and by the end of this engagement series they had consulted with community members through five focus groups, including residents, children, businesses, and nonprofits.


Marcos Monteiro of Mays Landing, New Jersey was selected as the mural finalist. His concept reflects the diversity of the city, historic figures and the glass industry, the Maurice River, arts, theater and culture, and the hope of our future resting with our children. The mural is 88 feet long by 25 feet high and clearly visible to everyone driving or walking on High Street. We named it the Gateway Mural and dedicated it to our community on December 1, 2016.

Two complementary murals were completed and installed at 14 E. Mulberry Street and 113 N. High Street. 


Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit funding in the amount of $95,000 funded these three murals.

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