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Holly City Development Corp Is Now Home Base for Inspira Community Health Worker Dedicated to Millville

Holly City Development Corp (HCDC) is the new home of an Inspira Health Community Health Worker, thanks to financial support from Jane and Peter Galetto. Since October 25, 2023, Inspira’s Jennifer Rosario can be found, one or two days a week, at the Creative Enterprise Center at 14 East Mulberry in Millville, working to connect residents with needed health care and social services.    

Inspira extended its Community Health Worker program into Millville in October of 2023 to nurture a healthier community by removing or reducing barriers to care that many face. Rosario’s role is to help residents navigate the health care system, support new parents, and link people to relevant programs and services regardless of their insurance or socio-economic status.

(L to R) Elizabeth A. Ryan, Inspira Health Board Chair; Megan Allain, Inspira Director Community Impact; Gary Galloway, Inspira Foundation Board Chair; Amy Mansue Inspira President and CEO; April Venable, Inspira Sr. VP Operations Strategy and Transformation; Peter Galetto donor and Inspira board member; Heather Santoro, Holly City Development Center Executive Director; Maria Alvarado Inspira Community Health Worker; Jane Galetto, Inspira donor; Jennifer Rosario, Inspira Community Health Worker)

“It is our goal to help improve lives in Millville and the surrounding areas by connecting them with available resources,” said Peter Galetto. “We hope that the results of this pilot program will demonstrate the value of this program and the need for broader and more long-term support.”

Amy Mansue, President and CEO of Inspira Health, sees this as a way to positively impact the overall community. “In order to truly create a healthier society, we need to provide the tools and resources to overcome barriers to care. Our Community Health Worker program will enable us to meet people where they are, out in the community, and begin to address those social drivers of health that are negatively affecting our communities."

“The centrally-located Creative Enterprise Center, which also houses HCDC, is the perfect place for organizations that want to be in the heart of our community,” said Heather Santoro, Holly City Executive Director. “We’re absolutely thrilled that Inspira chose our location for this important community health initiative. We’re also grateful to the Galettos for not only recognizing the need for a Community Health Worker, but providing the financial support to turn this into a reality.” 

In June 2021, Inspira Health partnered with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield through their Neighbors in Health program, and hired their first Community Health Worker, Maria Alvarado. Maria has been working with the Cumberland County population to provide resources and overcome barriers to accessing care.

In June 2023, Jennifer Rosario was hired as Inspira’s second Community Health Worker for the Millville population. Jennifer started assisting Millville residents in August 2023 and has already developed rapport with many in the community. Jennifer has made huge strides in helping residents overcome social drivers of health by assisting them with obtaining health insurance for their families, resolving food insecurities, establishing relationships with primary care providers, and setting up transportation to and from appointments.

Jennifer works closely with the Millville High School social workers, who refer families in need, and with the Millville Housing Authority to assist those in need of housing and guidance. Jennifer has attended many events in the Millville community and is becoming a familiar face to many residents. Jennifer and Maria work closely together as they assist Millville residents. Both find their work rewarding and are grateful for the opportunity to support their community!

“There are a lot of resources for our community; our job is to put you in touch with them,” said Jennifer. “There are many people that do not know where to find food or transportation or how to fill out an application for Energy Assistance or SNAP. Many people do not know how to navigate the online world -- that is a big barrier for those patients.”

Jennifer and Maria are both from the community, and both are bilingual (English/Spanish). They feel privileged to be helping our community. The Community Health Worker program is free and available to Millville residents.

If you or anyone you know is in need, please call 856-641-6299 ext.5.


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